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The teenager's gadget

There is no doubt that technology has been by far one of the most important causes of human development throughout the latest centuries. So in this sense, technology nowadays is being used for several purposes, most of them related to making our lives easier as we can see at the great variety of gadgets that exist. An example of those is the computer, which is definitely one of the most useful gadgets, especially for the XXI century teenager.

One of the reasons why the computer is the most useful gadget for a teenager from this century is the capability of storing a huge amount of digitalized information. This means that anyone with a computer can stock up as much information as he wishes, such as literature books, articles, music, photos, documents, etc. Therefore, it is possible for the teenager to have a very accessible virtual library, confirming the computer to be a really useful tool.

Likewise, the access to the internet also makes computers this useful to a teenager. It allows people to connect each other from any distance and to be updated with the latest news all around the world. By this means, the internet is a powerful weapon to spread knowledge and information as well as to share what you want with others. Besides that, the internet makes research a lot faster, facilitating many kinds of works.

In conclusion, the computer the most important and useful gadget for a teenager, especially because of the effective way it stores information and the almost unlimited communicating resources of the internet. After all, it is hard to imagine what this wonderful device has in store for the XXI century teenager, but then it is true that whatever it is, they will like it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Computers - by Rayssa Marinho

Most of times, when people think about their future or how communication will have been improved in a few years, technology is always mentioned. At least for teenagers, this one is the most interesting subject to discuss, especially computers, which have been the most useful gadget for a XXI century teenager.

Nowadays, it's difficult to find a teenager who doesn't have a telephone or even more, a PC. Internet is used for all types of things. Playing games and talking with someone who is living across the world are typical actions of this grown-up kid. Not only "home computers" but crucially laptops have become more modern and practical.

When you don't know what life has in store for some economic problem, you can just imagine what will happen by clicking your mouse and searching on "Google". This means that ANY information or news that you would like know is found in this technological gadget!

So in this sense, you can improve your brain with all types of points of view about a subject. The computer is a miscellany of all planet knowledge.This means that, again, this gadget is the most useful for a XXI century teenager.

Asics Comercial

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

A very cool video that I saw yesterday.

Commissionde by the advertising agency Nordpol+ Hamburg I designed the origami models and consulted the stopmotion aswell as the computer animators of this world wide corperate movie that tells the story of the japanese sports brand ASICS. The movie won a Grand Prix at the Eurobest, gold at the New York festival, gold at the London International Awarts, silver at the Clio in Miami and two times bronze at ADC Germany.

Computers - by Cadu

The most useful device for a XXI century teenager

Every month, every day and every minute gadgets are invented. Scientists all around the world are working hard to make lives more comfortable, practical and easier. The computer, one of these gadgets, was created in the XIX century and, since then, is by far the most useful gadget ever. For a XXI century teenager, a personal computer, or pc, is not only wires and boards, but also an essential part of their lives.

The computer, to grow even more the popularity as the best invention, can have the Internet, a global network of interconnected computers. With the Internet, a computer can have access to information about everything in the world. This means that there is no limit to the amount of activities that are possible with a personal computer with Internet. It’s certainly true that the Internet can be very dangerous, after all, there are viruses. But then, with caution, it’s possible to download movies and watch them. There is the possibility of downloading songs to your computer and listening to them. Also, it’s possible to download and read books at your computer. Teenagers can play games at the computer. So in this sense, computers can be TVs, stereo systems, a personal library and they can be video games as well. Almost everything a teenager desires.

Teenagers are very social. Friends are very important to them and the computer also helps their social life, adding other advantage to this impressive machine. After school, where teenagers see their friends, or after waking up, they can use computers to continue a conversation or to arrange a meeting with their dates or friends. This is possible because of the Internet. Not only can teenagers talk to their friends, but also make new friends using the computer. New friends that can be from other parts of the world. That is the interesting part of it. This means that teenagers contribute to the globalization. With the computer, teenagers can participate of a process that is changing the entire world.

Scientists improve computers faster every year. Therefore, instead of having a TV, a stereo, books and video games, teenagers will have a computer at home. This very useful gadget is an important part of their lives. In this practical and fun device, teenagers have found a modern way to contribute to the world.

Microsoft's Surface Computing Device 2

Dead Computer? from Bill on Vimeo.

Computers - by Lucas

Nowadays our technology is a very important factor that makes our life easier, it helps to solve a lot of problems in your daily life. It’s certainly true that in a life of teenager gadgets are very common, it’s not usual seeing a teenager without a cell phone or one that has never used a computer. The computer is one of the most common gadgets that teenagers have to deal these days, possibly it is the one with more options of entertainment and communication. To a teenager the computer is the one that can be the best option to use in our life.

A computer nowadays ,along with the internet ,can be used to communicate to people all over the world and also real time information can be seen in the your screen, information that is happening now in China for example and you can access, interact and use this information. It’s true that this real time communication is something that is very new in our web and not always used for the benefit of the population. However the bad information do not mess with importance of the computer.

A computer is the ultimate gadget when you talk about entertainment. It can be used to listen to music, see videos, and play games as well. The new computers have a huge capacity to interact with you. The games are more realistic, the music has better quality and also the new torrent sites that have much media to download like all kinds of movies. This means that on a computer with internet you will never be bored at all.

After all, gadgets are very important to our life and you cannot live a normal life without it. Hence, the computer is probably the all-in-one gadget that you need, besides you’ll not be able to follow the new wave of information and entertainment that is needed in our daily life.

Lucas Aragão

Computer - by Júnior

The XX and XXI centuries are the centuries of the biggest inventions of the humanity history. The biggest one is the computer, which was invented in the XX century but is the most useful gadget for a XXI century teenager because it connects them with the world and it could be used to help teens with their studies.

The internet system was invented in the Cold War by the American army. Since the invention, it has developed and became accessible to civilians. Today you can talk to one person at the other side of the world in seconds. Adolescents need to have their relationships, which is fundamental for the healthy mental development and the computer system can help in this aspect.

Today it isn’t rare to find people, especially the youth, studying in front of the computer. You can find on the computers many tools that help when people want more information like virtual books, web sites, educational programs, encyclopedias, movies, documentaries and others. This advent can speed up our lives and with this saved time you can do many other activities, and even study more.

Observing these points of view, there are no doubts that computers came to help the life of a XXI century teenager and the life of all people. It can be used for many other purposes. So, isn’t the computer the most useful gadget invented by the beginning of the human race?

Cell Phones with 3G technology - by Matheus G.

The turn of the millenium was marked by an intense development at the computer science and technology in general. Nowadays, teenagers have easy access to almost any gadget. Therefore, teens need an efficient gadget that has multiple functions. So in this sense, a useful gadget for a teenager nowadays would be a cell phone with 3G technology.

A 21st century teenager needs not only to have access to communication but also have an easy, fast and economical access to this communication. Almost 80% of the teenagers that compose the middle class has cell phones, and it is widely recognized that mobile phones are really useful.

Besides communication, cells have a lot of other functions as well. Some are linked up to the internet, some are digital cameras and/or GPS, some execute mp3 files and/or movies, but crucially they provide teenagers an easy access to almost any kind of entertainment-related function.

This means that cell phones include a large amount of functions besides its most important one, communication. It would be hard for a teenager to carry on 10 different kinds of equipments. But then, fortunately, there’s a certain gadget that substitutes all these gadgets into 1, it’s a cell phone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cell Phones - by Roberlei

Martin Cooper invented the first cell phone on April 3 of 1973; this equipment has changed our life since its invention. The cell phone is the most useful gadget for companies, businessmen and for socialization. It has become an epidemic around the world; everybody has one or wants to buy one.

The cell phone is the most useful gadget ever invented; you can call anybody wherever you are and at any time. This equipment has helped globalization process because it has reduced distance and time as well. Its invention has had a great impact on our society. Cell phones have made our lives more comfortable, faster and safer, which is very important nowadays.

As I have said, safety is an important and needed issue. Nowadays the world is really dangerous. Parents are investing in cell phones for children s security, they give it to them for calling anytime needed and when kids are in trouble they can call their parents. Knowing the problems, parents can provide a faster and more efficient solution.

Finally, the cell phone is one of the most important inventions of the 21 century. It has changed our concept of time and place, the impact of it is similar to the discovery of the wheel.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cell Phones - by Nathalia

A long time ago one thing that would be extremely important in the human life was invented, the telephone.But now, there is a new type of phone that became the most useful gadget for this century, it's a mobile phone that is called cell phone. And now, everybody needs one.

When the cell phone was invented, only rich people could have one, but then it began to be more popular and cheaper because it became a necessity for everybody.You can talk to everyone from everywhere you are with this gadget.It makes parents and kids feel more safer and more comfortable.

Nowadays, cell phone is not only to communicate, but it's also used to have fun.The majority of new cell phones has a lot of things to do.For example, you can play games, take photos, make movies, see the clock and also listen to music.So it always get more difficult not have a cell phone.

It's certainly true that the cell phone came to make the teenager's life more easier.This means that now the cell phone is essential for most teens. By far the most important gadget for them.

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here it go. Is related to law. very cool kinetic typography. =p

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Hey, I found this video at youtube about the evolution of cellular phones,i loved it:)!

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