Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Computers - by Lucas

Nowadays our technology is a very important factor that makes our life easier, it helps to solve a lot of problems in your daily life. It’s certainly true that in a life of teenager gadgets are very common, it’s not usual seeing a teenager without a cell phone or one that has never used a computer. The computer is one of the most common gadgets that teenagers have to deal these days, possibly it is the one with more options of entertainment and communication. To a teenager the computer is the one that can be the best option to use in our life.

A computer nowadays ,along with the internet ,can be used to communicate to people all over the world and also real time information can be seen in the your screen, information that is happening now in China for example and you can access, interact and use this information. It’s true that this real time communication is something that is very new in our web and not always used for the benefit of the population. However the bad information do not mess with importance of the computer.

A computer is the ultimate gadget when you talk about entertainment. It can be used to listen to music, see videos, and play games as well. The new computers have a huge capacity to interact with you. The games are more realistic, the music has better quality and also the new torrent sites that have much media to download like all kinds of movies. This means that on a computer with internet you will never be bored at all.

After all, gadgets are very important to our life and you cannot live a normal life without it. Hence, the computer is probably the all-in-one gadget that you need, besides you’ll not be able to follow the new wave of information and entertainment that is needed in our daily life.

Lucas Aragão


  1. Thanks for posting your essay, Lucas!

    I liked the videos you included. The first one was a bit crazy... but it was very cool to see the evolution through images in the second one. Have you noticed one of the expressions we learned in unit 8 was in the video? "To have in sotre for".


  2. Hello Lucas
    you had some interesting ideas - did you read about what an Indian teacher called Sugata Mitra did with computers and very poor children ? that's inspiring food for thought !
    Helen Davies in Nice

  3. Hi Helen Davies!

    Thanks for the comment! I haven't watched Slumdog Millionaire yet, had already heard of the Hole in Wall project but didn't know that was the inspiration for the movie.
    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Lucas:
    You're right. A computer (with an Internet connection) is a whole Theme Park !!! You say that "real time communication is not always used for the benefit of the population.".
    I agree, but don't panic. The secret is...we have to be aware. But the whole information can be managed by users, not just by the media owners.
    A huge hug.

  5. Thanks for commenting, Susana!


  6. Hi Lucas
    Thank you for the coment.It is very interesting idea
    Meli from Australia

  7. Hi Its Sunita from Australia.
    Its good information about computer.
    By using internet, we can get all the information that we want very quickly. computer and internet has become an intergal part of our life. that's great invention.but misuse of this good technology is aweful and we should remain aware from this kind of stuff...

  8. Hi Lucas:
    I agree with you about the benefit of the computers with internet and it may be missused sometimes to add wrong informations so one should be careful when using the internet by entering well known websites.....so key point ..to use it probablely

  9. Hi Lucas, Thanks for comment and idears.It's very intersting and good for knolage.Thanks. Ranjith from A.M.E.S. Dandinong

  10. Dear students from Australia,

    thanks for visiting our blog and leaving some comments for us!

    Kindest regards from Brazil!


  11. ahhhhhh computer. can't live without them.
    it's impressive how they improve fast. look at this awesome machine that apple created.

  12. Hi Lucas!
    I agree with your idea that the computer enables us to be in contact with people from all over the world. Well... you have the proof here, in all these comments by people who are physically so far away from each other. I think this is one of the things I like the most about the new technologies.
    By the way, I'm a teacher of English from Rosario, Argentina.