Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cell Phones with 3G technology - by Matheus G.

The turn of the millenium was marked by an intense development at the computer science and technology in general. Nowadays, teenagers have easy access to almost any gadget. Therefore, teens need an efficient gadget that has multiple functions. So in this sense, a useful gadget for a teenager nowadays would be a cell phone with 3G technology.

A 21st century teenager needs not only to have access to communication but also have an easy, fast and economical access to this communication. Almost 80% of the teenagers that compose the middle class has cell phones, and it is widely recognized that mobile phones are really useful.

Besides communication, cells have a lot of other functions as well. Some are linked up to the internet, some are digital cameras and/or GPS, some execute mp3 files and/or movies, but crucially they provide teenagers an easy access to almost any kind of entertainment-related function.

This means that cell phones include a large amount of functions besides its most important one, communication. It would be hard for a teenager to carry on 10 different kinds of equipments. But then, fortunately, there’s a certain gadget that substitutes all these gadgets into 1, it’s a cell phone.


  1. Thanks for posting your essay, Matheus! Reading it and watching the video you embedded only makes me more certain that an i-phone is my most-wanted gadget nowadays. It's a pity it still costs a lot here in Brazil...


  2. Hi Matheus !!!

    I can't afford an I-phone yet. They're really expensive in Argentina. I know it would be the teens favourite gadget. They have the most sofisticated cell phone their parents can pay !!!
    Sometimes they don't have enough money for books or school things but they've got the newest cell !!! They love cell phones.

    A huge hug

  3. Hi Matheus

    I totally agree with you ,cell phone really provide an efficient way for not only teenagers but also grown-ups to access many entainment ways. I believe that the cell phone will become more popular and more functional with the improvement of wireless and internet technology . I hope I can use cell phone to do anything instead of bring so many cards in my wallet.
    It's Chunyan from Australia

  4. Hey Chunyan!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    Kindest regards from Brazil!


  5. Hi Susana!

    Thanks for the comment, fell free to visit our blog !


  6. Hi Chunyan !

    Cell phones really are very useful huh? xD

    Thanks for commenting and visiting our blog!


  7. iphones are great. but the most impressive thing is the devices scientists create or adapt for iphones. like this one. http://topiphonenews.com/vuzix-%e2%80%9cworks-with-iphone%e2%80%9d-cable-adds-3d-to-iphone/
    it must be great to use this device.

  8. Hi Matheus,

    I can't imagine how the cell phones will be in a few years.The technology is walking too fast, and imagine it sometimes scares me.So,I prefer to wait and see the new innovations happening.

  9. Hi Matheus!

    I KNOW you're right. Cell phones are really useful and have become increasingly popular and sophisticated in the last few years. However, although I love computers and go everywhere with my laptop, I'm not a big fan of cell phones. I DO have one, but seldom remember the number or where I have left it :-) Can you believe that? Of course, my friends and relatives always get mad at me because of that.

    Anyway, after reading your essay, I guess I'll have to reconsider my attitude towards this gadget.

    Mary (from Rosario, Argentina)