Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cell Phones - by Nathalia

A long time ago one thing that would be extremely important in the human life was invented, the telephone.But now, there is a new type of phone that became the most useful gadget for this century, it's a mobile phone that is called cell phone. And now, everybody needs one.

When the cell phone was invented, only rich people could have one, but then it began to be more popular and cheaper because it became a necessity for everybody.You can talk to everyone from everywhere you are with this gadget.It makes parents and kids feel more safer and more comfortable.

Nowadays, cell phone is not only to communicate, but it's also used to have fun.The majority of new cell phones has a lot of things to do.For example, you can play games, take photos, make movies, see the clock and also listen to music.So it always get more difficult not have a cell phone.

It's certainly true that the cell phone came to make the teenager's life more easier.This means that now the cell phone is essential for most teens. By far the most important gadget for them.


  1. Thanks for posting your essay, Nathalia, and congrats for being the first one to do it!

    I particularly liked the video you added because it is a great awareness-raising one. In Brazil (and I believe in most countries), with these "fidelidade" programs from cell phone companies, in which you get free pohones or huge discounts if you sign a contract to be with them for another year, people are getting rid of their cell phones once a year, which can be tewrrible to the environment, as the video showed.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Dear Nathalia:
    I have to confess I don't like seeing teens so concentrated in their cell phones. Sometimes they walk along the street without watching where they're going.
    But yesterday I fell in love with cells. I was explaining the properties of whole numbers. I asked my students to try to divide any number by zero. The message on the calculator display was: MATHS ERROR.
    One of them asked fro permission to use her cell phone. I said: "Go ahead" and she got this message: ATTENTION !!! DIVIDING BY ZERO IS IMPOSSIBLE. WRITE ANOTHER NUMBER.

    WOW. I took my hat off . Great cells !!!

    A huge hug

  3. I agree, Susana, that teen's obsession with cells can be annoying, especially during class, but, as you said, we can find educational uses to it.

    Thanks for commenting!


  4. Hi Nathalia, you mention several features cellphones have which serve educational purposes. This report:

    is very interesting because it mentions many other features cellphones will have and how they will change the educational field. They predict that these changes will happen in one year or less!
    Best from Perú

  5. Hi Carolina,

    great extra resource (scary too!).

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Hi Nathalia, its Rupa from Australia. I didn't watch your video due to some problem. Really nowadays cellphones are most wanted by everyone. Its very useful. Really parents and childrens feel safe using cellphones. Every invention we had some good and bad things. Cellphone also had some bad things. But i thing we must ignor them. Overall cellphones are good for everyone.

    Thank you

  7. Hi Rupa!

    Thanks for commenting! I agree that every invention has positive and negative points, but only the ones with strong positive aspects endure.

    Kindest regards from Brazil!


  8. hey,
    I really want to thank you that comment about my essay.

    Susana, I also think that the teenagers should be more careful when they use their cellphones but as you said the cell can be educational, too.

    Carolina, It will be really useful when this changes happen.

    Rupa, It's true that the cellphone has bad things,but in the end the good things are more important.

    Teacher, thank you to replied my comments.

  9. Hi Natalia!

    I can't imagine what will happen in 10 years... I mean, how many celll phones will be replaced, but crucially, what would be the inovations?


  10. yeah i agree that cell phones are really important, but computers are more important. read my essay. hahahahaha just kidding. a month ago my cell phone fell in the pool. for one week, i had no cell phone. it was a terrible week. then i found this article.
    it helped me, because explain how cell phones
    work. i love to know how stuff workss. i love this site.

  11. I've always liked this website, Cadu, - they have some very interesting information.


  12. Hey Nathy

    Great essay, I really liked it. Yet there are some things I do not agree.Although cell phones have a very important role in our society, I still believe that computers are better. Not only are cell phones more vulnerable than computers but also computers have a huge variety of uses in ours lives, specially when it comes to technological development (even for cell phones themselves). That is something to think about.

  13. Hi Nathalia!

    I really like your essay. And the video you've embedded...WOW! Most thought provoking indeed.

    I have often wondered, when I see people around me change their cell phones simply because they want to have the latest model, where all those discarded phones go.

    It's good to know they can be recycled, and that in this way, we can help protect the environment.

    Great job!
    Mary from Rosario, Argentina