Monday, March 23, 2009

Cell Phones - by Roberlei

Martin Cooper invented the first cell phone on April 3 of 1973; this equipment has changed our life since its invention. The cell phone is the most useful gadget for companies, businessmen and for socialization. It has become an epidemic around the world; everybody has one or wants to buy one.

The cell phone is the most useful gadget ever invented; you can call anybody wherever you are and at any time. This equipment has helped globalization process because it has reduced distance and time as well. Its invention has had a great impact on our society. Cell phones have made our lives more comfortable, faster and safer, which is very important nowadays.

As I have said, safety is an important and needed issue. Nowadays the world is really dangerous. Parents are investing in cell phones for children s security, they give it to them for calling anytime needed and when kids are in trouble they can call their parents. Knowing the problems, parents can provide a faster and more efficient solution.

Finally, the cell phone is one of the most important inventions of the 21 century. It has changed our concept of time and place, the impact of it is similar to the discovery of the wheel.



  1. Roberlei, thanks for posting your essay in our blog. I personally have never had a fancy cell phone but I do agree these machines are the future for their capacity of putting everything together: taking pictures, filming, accessing the internet, etc.

    I'm just not really sure if the video you chose is a reliable one. It seems to be a satire because of its ironic tone. Also, if you google Allan Rabinowitz, you'll find a famous biologist, and if you google the inventor of the cell phone, you'll find Martin Cooper, as Matheus wrote in his essay. Take a look again and tell me what you think, ok?


  2. Hi Roberlei,
    Cell phones really changed the way we communicate in many ways. We are always accessible, anytime, anywhere. I got my first cell phone 9 years ago. Before that I had never felt the need for one and now I can hardly imagine being without it.

  3. Hi Sasa!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving this comment!


  4. Hi Robert :
    Good point !! People can't live without cell phones anymore. I sometimes leave it at home juts to be unavailable, hahaha.
    I like your teacher comment, we have to be careful and ALWAYS check our information. When you start listening and the presenter asks: " What the hell is your name? " doesn't seem very serious.

    A huge hug

  5. Hi Robert,
    Excellent post!
    Do you know that the shift has begun from computer aided learning to mobile learning, or m-learning? Cell phones hold great potentials for learning, especially in developing countries like ours. Let' imagine that one day, you will take your lecture with teacher Ronaldo on your cell phone.LOL.
    Greetings from hot Khartoum, Sudan

  6. Thanks for the toughtful comments, Susana and Hala.


  7. Roberlei,

    I didn't know that the first cell phone was invented in 1973.I thought it was a more recent invention.Fortunatelly we are a generation which has this gadget as a helping hand,because it provides communication in an easy and fast way what reassures our parents when we're hanging out with friends for example.

  8. Hey roberlei!

    I really agree that the cell phone is one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. I mean, there isn't a easiest way of communicating with other people than using a Cell Phone. As Isabela, I also thought it was a recent invention.


  9. Hi Roberlei!

    Very good essay! I have just left a comment on one of your partners' work saying that I'm not a big fan of cell phones. However, I see your point when you talk about safety. You're right, there are certain cases in which having a cell phone can even save your life, or at least, a lot of trouble.

    You have persuaded me!

    Mary from Rosario, Argentina