Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Computer - by Júnior

The XX and XXI centuries are the centuries of the biggest inventions of the humanity history. The biggest one is the computer, which was invented in the XX century but is the most useful gadget for a XXI century teenager because it connects them with the world and it could be used to help teens with their studies.

The internet system was invented in the Cold War by the American army. Since the invention, it has developed and became accessible to civilians. Today you can talk to one person at the other side of the world in seconds. Adolescents need to have their relationships, which is fundamental for the healthy mental development and the computer system can help in this aspect.

Today it isn’t rare to find people, especially the youth, studying in front of the computer. You can find on the computers many tools that help when people want more information like virtual books, web sites, educational programs, encyclopedias, movies, documentaries and others. This advent can speed up our lives and with this saved time you can do many other activities, and even study more.

Observing these points of view, there are no doubts that computers came to help the life of a XXI century teenager and the life of all people. It can be used for many other purposes. So, isn’t the computer the most useful gadget invented by the beginning of the human race?


  1. Thanks for posting your essay, Júnior. I really enjoyed watching the video about the history of the internet.


  2. Hi Junior,
    great essay! I also love this video. We heavily depend on the internet these days but not everybody knows about its origins. It's amazing how quick and unexpected its development has been. I wonder where we'll be 10 years from now...
    Warm regards from Slovenia,

  3. Thanks for leaving another comment, Sasa!


  4. Hey Junior!

    I didn't remember the Internet was invented at the Cold War. That's awesome! I mean, this really useful system that we use to have fun was invented with this objective, huh?


  5. Hi Deverrsoon

    Really nice essay, I found it very interesting. I liked that you mentioned the fact that internet was made for military uses because such things always surprises me. It is amazing how human kind has this ability to make good things by wrong means. I wonder what is next…

  6. Hi Junior!

    I found your essay very interesting and informative.

    I also think it's true that computers offer invaluable help to students in particular. That's why I'm sometimes surprised that my students don't take more advantage of this great tool. Most of them use their computers mainly for entertainment. Is it like that in your country too?

    Mary (a teacher of English from Rosario, Argentina)