Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Computers - by Cadu

The most useful device for a XXI century teenager

Every month, every day and every minute gadgets are invented. Scientists all around the world are working hard to make lives more comfortable, practical and easier. The computer, one of these gadgets, was created in the XIX century and, since then, is by far the most useful gadget ever. For a XXI century teenager, a personal computer, or pc, is not only wires and boards, but also an essential part of their lives.

The computer, to grow even more the popularity as the best invention, can have the Internet, a global network of interconnected computers. With the Internet, a computer can have access to information about everything in the world. This means that there is no limit to the amount of activities that are possible with a personal computer with Internet. It’s certainly true that the Internet can be very dangerous, after all, there are viruses. But then, with caution, it’s possible to download movies and watch them. There is the possibility of downloading songs to your computer and listening to them. Also, it’s possible to download and read books at your computer. Teenagers can play games at the computer. So in this sense, computers can be TVs, stereo systems, a personal library and they can be video games as well. Almost everything a teenager desires.

Teenagers are very social. Friends are very important to them and the computer also helps their social life, adding other advantage to this impressive machine. After school, where teenagers see their friends, or after waking up, they can use computers to continue a conversation or to arrange a meeting with their dates or friends. This is possible because of the Internet. Not only can teenagers talk to their friends, but also make new friends using the computer. New friends that can be from other parts of the world. That is the interesting part of it. This means that teenagers contribute to the globalization. With the computer, teenagers can participate of a process that is changing the entire world.

Scientists improve computers faster every year. Therefore, instead of having a TV, a stereo, books and video games, teenagers will have a computer at home. This very useful gadget is an important part of their lives. In this practical and fun device, teenagers have found a modern way to contribute to the world.

Microsoft's Surface Computing Device 2

Dead Computer? from Bill on Vimeo.


  1. Cadu, thanks for posting your essay. I just loved the videos you embedded. It was very interesting to watch the first one, which gives very nice historical facts about computers, and just laughed so much with the second one. Very cool kind of humor!


  2. Hi
    this was an interesting read - you did well explaining why these gadgets are important for teenagers. I have teenage sons and I know that without their mobile phones or their laptops life is not worth living ;)
    Helen Davies in Nice

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  4. Hi Helen Davis!

    Thanks for visitng and leaving a comment!


  5. Hi Cadu !!!
    Great post. You added videos to explain better. You're right , computers are really important in teens life.
    You say that teens use them to create social networks, and you're right. But sometimes they're connected just to be there, with no much to say.
    Your post shows us that there are many teens working hard out there, trying to give their opinions and having their own voice in the world in an unthinkable way a few years ago.
    Just Great !!!!

  6. Hi Susana!

    Thanks for the inspiring and encouraging comment!


  7. Hi, I am jihad from Australia

    I have read your post essay , that was great . And i think your are right because computer in these days is the most important thing ,not only for teenager it is also important for everybody . in one hand the computer is very important in the other hand it is very dangerous specially for teenagers .Because they may destroye their life with the bad stuff on the computer as the bad movie .

    thank you very much

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  9. Cadu,

    Your essay is really good and complete,I liked that you meant the dangerous points of computers too.We have to know where are the ''good places'' to surf on the internet.Because it can be unsafe sometimes.

  10. Sorry about the MEANT,it can be correctly replaced by mentioned.

  11. thanks ronaldo, helen, susana canelo, jihad and bela for commenting. i am happy because you read and liked my essay.

  12. Cadu,
    I agree that the computer is important but I also think that sometimes the cell is more useful because it is always with you.Actually, both are extremely important for me but I had to choose only one to do my essay.hehe :]

  13. Very interesting and well-written essay, Cadu!
    I'm a teacher of English from Argentina and I'd love to invite my advanced students to read your work. I'm sure they'll like it as much as I do.
    Great job!