Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A year ago, I was walking at "Iate Clube de Brasília" when I saw a sailing contest happening at "Lago Paranoá". At first, it didn't interest me a lot. However, I saw that gorgeous boy getting out of his boat, discussing with his friends about their entry into a Brazilian, and even more, a world championship that they might participate. Oh my goodness, that's all I thought when I heard that. I had a good chance of being a sailor winner. Besides, what the future would have in store for me was something nobody knew. So in this sense, I started having classes at my club.
Five months after a hard training, I was invited by the nautical commodore to enter into the first Brazilian championship that would happen in Brasília, the city where I have always lived. Not only I had accepted pleasurably, but I also told all my family what had just happened, and they gave me a lot of support.
It's also true that I won the first and the second races. I couldn't believe it! I was exactly where I was supposed to be! I kept ahead of my sparring-partnerseven when I lost the third race. It happened when it was raining a lot. My boat went about and I fell in the water. I didn't have the strenght to control my little ship with this difficulties. I freaked out at first, but when I saw my general results, I was so happy and proud of what I had just done. I was the winner of the fair trophy, and not just because I was lucky, but also because I was dedicated.
This fact, nowadays, affects my daily routine. This means that I learned I have no limits to do what I like. Besides, my life is open with all types of possibilities, I only have to believe and realize them.

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