Monday, May 11, 2009

Swimming Competition

A long time ago, when I was twelve years old, I used to do swimming classes. Three times a week I used to do these classes, my teacher at the time told me that was going to be this competition within two weeks. I thought that I wasn’t prepared enough to go there and win, but I didn’t give up and went to the competition.

The competition was divided in many categories; I was in the one for people between ten and thirteen years old. I was very nervous, it was my first competition ever and I needed to compete with so many people that I had never seen. Finally, it was my turn. I went to the pool, my first swimming category was crawl and I was self-confident, so when the bell rang to begin the race. I couldn’t think of anything only in getting to the end. I finally made it to the end; the judges couldn’t tell who the winner was at the time, so they spent some time discussing and then gave the verdict. I had won.

I won the first place, in my first competition and for the first in my life I had won something. I was very satisfied with my medal and very happy too. After this competition, I tried again other two times but I never made it. So in this sense, I realized I wasn’t good enough to participate in swimming competitions and I gave up. Nonetheless, I learned to have some self-confidence because when I was competing, the confidence made me stay calm to do things the right way and now I use it for many things, like exams.

Lucas Aragão


  1. for lucas....Your story is very interesting ,because I like reading the personal story by people.

    I live in Trentino (Italy) Bye Bye Jessica

  2. to lucas,
    i think this story is beautiful. I like your courage. Well done.

    A similar strory for me is when i play a handball..The first game of handball was 5 year ago..My sensations were the same as yours..

    this is alexandra in trentino

  3. hi lucas,
    i read your story. i think that it is very interesting.
    yesterday i recited in a musical with the school. i was more nervous bat then it all went well. i am very happy!!

    samanta in trentino

  4. i have read your story and he makes me happy. you have realized your dreams.

    I had a story like this once when i hav a musical did. i was very nervous, it was my first musical. it's ol vent vel.

    jessica from Trentino