Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first bike ride

The first bike ride is commonly unforgetable for people,and in my case it isn't different.I remember how happy and grown up it made me feel.

I was five years old and I had just gotten a shiny pink bike on Christmas.So my dad took me to Parque da Cidade on a typical sunny day of summer vacation,and taught me how to ride it.He was very well-prepared,he had a first aid's bag in the car,in case of an emergency.

Whereas my bike had two extra and small wheels that helped on the balance,I have fell several times.But whit dad's patience I ended the day knowing how to ride a four-wheel bike.

First and foremost this a childhood memory which reminds me how free and excited I felt, but also reminds me that we can't achieve our aims without patience and love.

Isabela Pedrinha

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