Sunday, April 12, 2009

Questions from Nikol

How difficult is it to find a job in Brazil?

It really depends on the person’s qualification. Those with a better qualification usually have more opportunities of finding a job than the others with low qualification. This fact is mostly related the level of education that the person received.

What is the unemployment rate in Brazil?

There is a relatively high rate of unemployment in Brazil, about 10 %. The greatest responsable for that is the part of the population without a good education, which ends up out of the market.

Is secondary education free in Brazil?

Yes, but public secondary education still has a low level when compared to the private secondary school. On the other hand, public colleges are the best in terms of high level education.

Do you think the level of secondary education in Brazil is high enough to let students continue their studies abroad?

When you are talking about the private school, there is a better chance of students continuing their studies abroad. However, it is more difficult to happen in the case of public school students.


  1. Hi students,
    I loved reading your answers to all these questions - I learned many new things about your country (I have never been to Brazil or South America). I knew Brazil is a huge country but did not know it spans 5 climate zones. Wow! I live in a country whose widest part is just a 3 - 4 hour car ride. I guess the population on such a vast territory as yours must be very diverse. One of the popular imports from Brazil here in Slovenia are hammocks. :-) That's also how I typically picture Brazil in my mind - huge sandy beaches with palms, a hammock spread between two trees and a sunset in the background. :-)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Warm regards from the other side of the world

  2. Hi Sasa!

    Thanks for commenting! You're absolutely right, Brazil has an incrediblt diverse population, culture and customs, that's why it is so hard to answer these kinds of questions about Brazil, it is hard to generalize.
    You're also right about the view of have of Brazilian beaches, but only in the northeastern region (my favorite beach part of Brazil), you wouldn't see hammocks in Rio de Janeiro, for example.



  3. quetion from Sharanjit........

    what is the national language of Brazil?

  4. hello i m Sharanjit Kaur .
    From ur answers I came to know a lot of information abt Brazil.
    Thanx a lot.
    Keep it up.....

  5. Hi Sharanjit!

    Well, since we were settled by the Portuguese, our national language is Portuguese. However, our Portuguese is now very different from European Portuguese (vocabulary and accent, mainly), but we can understand each other.

    Thanks for asking!